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Excerpts from my written world.

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Bluprint | Verizon

Copywriter | Copyeditor

Fall 2019

Bluprint is a full-service branding and design agency composed of writers, strategists, and UX designers. 

Project Overview

Verizon brought on Bluprint to solve SMB (Small and Medium Business) needs by providing one-click, all-inclusive services. Bluprint created best-in-class mobile and web experiences that would be rolled out to current and prospective SMB clients within 12 weeks of initiating the process.

My Contributions

I assisted the Bluprint team with copywriting and copyediting for multiple interfaces. We crafted clear, concise language to help Verizon customers select the best products and services for their needs.

On the Phone


Copywriting | Copyediting 



Transcription | Copyediting

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Rex Brasher Association

Copyeditor | Transcriber

Spring 2020

The mission of the Rex Brasher Association is to share the life of the enigmatic and prolific painter and to allow his work to inspire a new generation of bird enthusiasts.

Project Overview

Rex Brasher was an artist who lived and worked in upstate NY. An avid birder, he made it his life's goal to paint every bird in North America. And he did just that. With 874 watercolors of every known species of bird on this continent, his legacy is an impressive collection of paintings that have been bound into physical volumes but never fully digitized. The goal of this project was to bring these historic works of art into the public sphere.

My Contributions

Much of the context for these works exists in hand-written notes drafted by one of Mr. Brasher's daughters. Not always grammatically correct (or easy to discern), her writing needed to be translated and edited for the web. My role was to pore over her pages of image descriptions and stories and re-write them for a new audience.

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Rex Brasher at Home on Porch from Cynthi
Rex Brasher with Glenn Owen Carter Sr fr
Rex Brasher at Home with Dog from Cynthi
Rex Brasher at Home with Pipe from Cynth
Doctor's Appointment



Bluprint | The Hartford


Spring 2018

Bluprint is a full-service design and branding agency composed of writers, strategists, and UX designers. 

Project Overview

The Hartford brought on Bluprint to envision and deliver a new solution for companies and employees facing medical leave.  The Bluprint team fully researched, strategized, and delivered a seamless process for The Hartford and all of their clients.

My Contributions

I collaborated with the Bluprint team on copywriting and copyediting, providing a fresh set of eyes when the team was in the final stretch of production and needed additional support. What can sometimes be a convoluted system was streamlined and made clear and accessible to those who needed it most.

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Copywriting | Email Marketing | Design | Event Production

5 Harts Rd, LLC


Winter 2017-Present

5 Harts Rd. is a multi-purpose venue and communal living space built on 7.2 acres of old farmland. It is the passion project of three close friends, who together aim to support the arts, practice sensitive historic restoration, and host events that create community for everyone in this little corner of America.

Project Overview

Part venue, part community center, 5 Harts Rd. aims to serve as a bastion of creative culture in a rural area. Dilapidated and in much need of repair at the outset, the property now features an upgraded farmhouse, a massive wooden hay barn, a stone-walled speakeasy, a lounge contained within an old school bus, a large outdoor fire pit, and ample green space.  

My Contributions

As the very first resident of 5 Harts Rd. (alone in the farmhouse for much of the first winter), I was foundational in establishing the creative direction of our LLC. In addition to designing and renovating most of the various structures on the property, I've crafted the copy for our website, email newsletters, and other event promotion.

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